Teen Mom Maci Bookout deserves huge kudos for this amazing achievement

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout has been busy in the past three years.

Since the original Teen Mom series wrapped filming, she has been getting back to “normal.”

And while she was living the regular life, she was also busy making huge strides to make her life better for herself and her family.

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Bookout appears to have transformed herself into the consummate Renaissance woman and the walking American Dream. She began as a pregnant teenager on a show with the message, “don’t ruin your lives like these girls did,” but became a full-time working mom, a student and a woman with another baby on the way.

She has been balancing her studies at Chattanooga State with her full-time career as a social media marketing specialist all while being a mother to 6-year-old Bentley and preparing to welcome baby No. 2, a daughter who she plans to name Jade Carter.

In an interview with PeopleBookout said she was reluctant to get back into the reality TV game after so long. “I was definitely apprehensive. But I thought it was really cool and all of us are in such different places in our lives that it would be nice for the fans to see how much we have grown,” she said.

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And grown is right. She appears to have put on a level head about a lot of things, including her rocky past relationship with her son’s father, Ryan Edwards, and marrying baby daddy No. 2, Taylor McKinney.

“We don’t argue with each other. I guess we just learned it’s just not worth the energy and we’ve grown up a little bit,” she said.

In regards to her new beau, she said, “We definitely want to get married and we’ve talked about it a lot. But we aren’t trying to cram it all in at one time. After the baby comes and we get settled in with parenting two children then that will definitely be our next step.”

A huge congratulations to the star for showing women from all walks of life and who come from all different situations, including seemingly insurmountable sets of circumstances, that you can get it together, go to school, get a degree and have a career and a family — or just have whatever life you decide to go after.

Hard work pays off, and seriously, who doesn’t think women can overcome anything and do it all now?

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