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Farrah Abraham gives her boyfriend super-sexual gifts, grossing everyone out

Farrah Abraham is well known for her controversial antics, but even we were surprised by her decision to give her boyfriend such a creepy present.

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Abraham’s new man is Simon Saran and she has been dating him ever since they met at a charity event. The thing is, the couple has a long-distance relationship, with Saran living in San Diego, California, and Abraham based in Austin, Texas. So, to keep the — shall we say — passion alive, the Teen Mom star thought it would be a good idea to give her beau some sex toys from her own line.

Speaking during an interview with Radar Online, Abraham revealed that her man owns a plastic mold of her lady bits — and this is where the story gets strange.

He has my sex toys!” she said, adding, “He loves it!”

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He might love it, but we’re sure the rest of the world could have done without knowing that personal information. But wait, there’s more. She’s given him the Back Door Entry and Hand Stroker pieces from her sex-toy line.

So, Saran is allowed to use her sex toys, but is he allowed to watch her adult film debut with pornographic actor James Deen?

“He does not have my sex tape!” she insists. “He watches guy comedies.” Well, at least that’s something.

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In case you’re interested in finding out more about Abraham’s boyfriend, he’s apparently going to be featured quite a bit on Teen Mom OG, but there might also be a few arguments captured on film.

“Simon appears on Teen Mom OG because I’m open to showing as much as I possibly can,” she told the publication. “If there is any bickering it is just because we’re getting to know each other.”

Tell us: What do you think of Abraham’s gift giving?

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