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Jill Duggar heads home to make sure her baby’s born in the right state (PHOTO)

We’ve got just about a week until we can see Baby Dilly!

Jill Duggar and her expansive family had been on vacation in Texas. But Jill, who is well past 38 weeks in her first pregnancy, and husband Derick Dillard won’t be having a Texas baby.

The couple posted a photo of the two of them with Daddy Dilly wearing the cutest shirt ever, saying, “This guy is going to be a daddy,” with the caption, “We had a great time with family on vacation, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a Texas baby #familyvacation #babydilly #19kids.”

After entering her 39th week, Jill should have her first baby sometime in the very near future, if she doesn’t go past the 40-week mark. The couple is planning on having a home birth with a midwife, and Jill recently told E! News that husband Derick has been taking classes to be her coach during childbirth.

She said they had been taking, “Bradley birth classes. [It’s] husband-coached childbirth so he can know how to help me in labor and in pregnancy — and that’s what I want the most, is him to be able to know what to do when that comes.”

Say what you will about the Duggars, their lifestyle or their beliefs, but that is some pretty sound thinking and awesome planning on the part of the young couple. And it is so nice to see when the father wants to be that big of a part of the process of childbirth that ultimately leaves the men out in the cold a lot of times.

Men can sometimes be left out for any number of reasons — fear, lack of knowledge or just old school thinking that it’s a woman’s thing. Whatever the case, a lot of men, I think, would like to be a bigger part of the birthing process. Well, daddies-to-be, now you know you can be and that men today are taking active roles in the birthing process much more often. And that’s awesome.

Involving them makes a huge difference to everyone. Good for these two for setting a positive example when so often the things this family are involved in can be so polarizing.

Now we just have to wait until Baby Dilly decides to make his appearance and see how the home birthing process goes for them with all of their preparations finally in place. Let the nesting continue!

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