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Supernatural: Why Sam couldn’t handle losing Dean again

On Supernatural, another loss for the Winchesters could spell bad news for Sam if Dean can’t beat the Mark of Cain.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Supernatural “The Things They Carried.”

Another devastating loss

Poor Sammy, he just can’t catch a break, can he? While I was glad that Dean (Jensen Ackles) was able to keep Cole fighting long enough to survive his run-in with the Khan worm, it did suck that Sam (Jared Padalecki) wasn’t able to keep Kit alive. Of course, Sam had the bigger job, seeing as how Kit’s worm had been in him longer and already led him to drink blood, but it was still devastating for the younger Winchester.

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These final lines in the episode killed me.

Dean: “Don’t blame yourself for Kit, man.”
Sam: “I can’t help it, Dean. It feels crappy.”

Sam: “I tried. I did, I tried. I just couldn’t save this one.”
Dean: “You know you can do everything right and even still, sometimes the guy still dies.”

The man pain was cranked up to high, but it wasn’t just about the loss of another innocent life. The look Sam gave Dean after Dean said the last line above was all the evidence you needed to know Sam was obviously thinking about Dean. Sam has been trying every possible thing he can to save Dean from the Mark of Cain, but what if they try it all and Sam still can’t save Dean? Would he survive that kind of loss? It’s highly doubtful seeing as how he barely survived the last time Dean disappeared.

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Could Sam handle losing Dean, even temporarily?

Even if Dean “loses” this battle, we all know he would come back. That’s not even up for debate. But the question then becomes: What kind of effect would that loss have on Sam? We fans can sit back somewhat comfortably in the knowledge that, no matter what, Dean will return. But Sam doesn’t have that same luxury.

If Dean transforms into the kind of monster that Cain was, Sam will lose his brother, and that won’t be good. In the past, Sam has had varying responses to losing Dean. He went into complete robot-hunter-mode when the Trickster (aka Gabriel) made him live in an alternate universe with Dean dead. When Dean was actually pulled into Hell, Sam took up with a demon. When Dean was in Purgatory, Sam basically ran away from the pain and tried to start a new life.

What if Sam lost Dean again?

If Sam had to go through the pain and trauma of losing his brother again, I don’t know if he could survive it this time. As much as I worry about Dean and what he’s going through, I also worry about Sam as well. We’ve seen that it’s often harder on the one left behind than on the one who goes away. Would Sam lose his sanity? Would he decide to give up hunting for good, even after Dean returned? I feel like anything is possible when you’re talking about that much heartbreak.

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Sam losing Dean to the Mark of Cain could bring about a whole new Sam we’ve never seen before. And that’s saying something, considering all the different versions of Sam we’ve seen in this series. I wonder if he might not harden his heart to keep from getting hurt again and, therefore, shut his brother out once Dean did return. This show loves to pull the brothers apart, and that would be one good way to do it.

What do think will happen to Sam if Dean succumbs to the Mark of Cain on Supernatural?

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