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8 Ways the Empire finale was like A Christmas Carol

No doubt you’re still recovering after that epic Empire season finale tonight. But all that drama, intrigue and scandal was undeniably familiar.

It’s like A Christmas Carol arrived three months late tonight in music empire form.

Think about it…

1. Lucious is Scrooge

He has alienated his entire family at the start of the episode. They can barely stand to look at him.

Lucious and Cookie

He might as well have added a “Bah, humbug!” after he refused everyone.

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2. Bunkie is Marley

But then Lucious gets some amazing news: He doesn’t have ALS, after all. He was misdiagnosed.

Lucious Lyon

And he falls into a deep, drug-induced sleep where a Bunkie hallucination arrives, much to Lucious’ Scrooge-like horror.

3. Jamal is the ghost of Christmas past

That song Jamal and Lucious made together was my favorite for the entire season, I think.

Baby Jamal

And the flashbacks served to show how Lucious has grown as a father.

Lucious Lyon

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4. Andre is the ghost of Christmas present


Lucious has to face his present demons, especially Andre’s bipolar disorder and his decision to search for happiness with God.

5. Hakeem is the ghost of Christmas future

Hakeem and Anika

As soon as he’s seen hooking up with Anika, Lucious sees what he could have had. He also realizes what a mess he’s made of his family and his company. Hakeem has the most growing up to do. And not just because he’s the youngest.

6. There are major religious undertones with Judas and the threads of forgiveness

Jennifer Lawrence in Empire

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7. Lucious is reborn

With the misdiagnosis, Lucious realizes he must make things right and gives his sons meaningful gifts to get their forgiveness.

Lucious Lyon

8. He gets a second chance

Of course, he’s too arrogant to use it wisely. And it’s a little too late, especially when he accidentally confesses everything to Cookie.

Plus, Empire isn’t a kid’s story, and it definitely isn’t filled with Christmas cheer….

We are a long way away from a happy ending.

How about that twist everyone?


How long do we have to wait until Season 2? So. Good.

Images: Fox

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