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Tan Mom slams Farrah Abraham in new disturbing music video

Patricia Krentcil — aka Tan Mom — is back and paler than ever! Now she is ready to assault your ears with her third single and music video, and one reality star will not be happy with the shout-out she gets in the new song.

The “day in the life” story line of the video for the song, “Rock My Freakin’ Body,” available exclusively on Fishwrapper, shows Tan Mom’s daily routine, which apparently consists of multiple trips to the dentist for teeth whitening (think that episode of Friends where Ross’ teeth literally glow in the dark) and trips to da club, which is apparently open at noon?

But it is one lyric in particular that grabbed our attention, because Tan Mom hypocritically slams another reality star: Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham. “I’m not the teen mom, backdoor, just ain’t my thing,” she sings.

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Also name-dropped: Katy Perry and Jenny McCarthy.

It’s ironic that Tan Mom speaks disparagingly of another reality TV parent considering she almost had her daughter taken away because of her gnarly tanning habits. While porn, sex toys and erotic literature are not career choices most moms make, CPS has never shown up on her doorstep.

This isn’t the first time Tan Mom has ripped Abraham, though. Back in 2013 she denied rumors that she was considering a porn offer (a denial she later retracted) by saying she isn’t a “whore” like the Teen Mom.

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“They asked me about Farrah and I told them I’d never do that,” she told RumorFix. “I am not Farrah the teen mom, I’m not a whore, I’ve never done porn nor would I ever. They just took what I said and turned it around for the media!”

Abraham has not commented on the lyrics yet, but one tweet she sent last week would probably sum up her feelings on the matter: “Rule number 1: F*** what they think.”

In this battle, we definitely think Abraham comes out on top, which is a frightening thought, but there it is. We know whose team Maci Bookout would be on, though.

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