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Kelsey Poe’s lawsuit against The Bachelor is pretty insane

Kelsey Poe feels so exploited by ABC that she is reportedly suffering from PTSD — but is it worth a lawsuit?

She was nicknamed the “Black Widow” on the show and deemed equally as crazy as Ashley I. — who famously accused her of making up the death of her husband to gain Chris Soules’ sympathy — but now Poe is fighting back.

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A new report claims Poe is in therapy for PTSD and quietly prepping for a lawsuit against The Bachelor if producers don’t agree to pay her psychiatrist bills.

Kelsey is being treated [with] EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing], which is an effective form of treatment that is used to alleviate the stress associated with traumatic memories,” an insider told RadarOnline, adding that Poe “insists they should pay for the emotional damage that was done to her” while working on the show.

“Kelsey has had to see a therapist because of the emotional damage that this show has caused her,” the source said. “She has requested that they pay for the therapy and they have not responded to her, nor have they offered up payment.”

In an interview with RadarOnline earlier this week, Poe did not hold back on how “disgusted” she is by the way she was treated on The Bachelor, but the news she is contemplating a lawsuit is still surprising.

Calling The Women Tell All special “the most painful thing I have ever heard since I heard the news of Sanderson’s death,” Poe said, “I am still reeling in shock at the level of nastiness I encountered, or how far those women will go.”

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“As for the low-life girls on the show, they were far more manipulative and scheming than anything I would have done, so I am happy to say I can live with my mistake as it hurt nobody but me,” Poe continued. “Some of them, on the other hand, were a ‘scratch your eyes out’ attacking bunch, but not all of them. Some women really have no concept of ‘sisters looking out for each other.’

“The endless insults from other contestants and the inhumane barrage of insults from so-called Bachelor fans, or bullies, I should say — [late husband Sanderson] would never have wanted that for me. I had moved on a little since his passing, and to be honest, it is my right to say, because it is my truth, the whole experience set me back months. I feel battered and bruised.”

So far, reps for ABC have not commented on the rumor.

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