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13 Times Jimmy Kimmel turned fans into flat-out liars (VIDEOS)

Let’s face it: The internet has changed our lives in so many ways. It helps us connect with friends, employers, celebrities and, most of all, it’s given us an infinite amount of information right at our fingertips.

Music, politics, movies, sports — we should know it all and when we don’t, it’s embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as making shit up and feigning expertise when you’re asked about something in pop culture that you have no idea about.

Jimmy Kimmel has brilliantly capitalized on this new cultural phenomenon with his hilarious, yet cringeworthy, segment, “Lie Witness News,” in which he has an unrecognizable employee descend on some of the country’s most hipster-esque environments to interview fans about stuff that doesn’t exist. The results are hilarious.

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Check out all the times Kimmel and “Lie Witness News” turned people into liars, albeit extremely creative ones.

1. “Lie Witness News” — SXSW 2015 

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Kimmel’s crew took to the concert festival, South by Southwest, to ask people their opinions on a bunch of made-up bands, like Mary Kate and Nasty, Eddie and His Manpurse, DJ Gluten and Wiz Khalifa’s up-and-coming little brother, Cheez Wiz Khalifa. All of the answers were gloriously elaborate, but hats off to the girl who claimed to have seen DJ Fictionelle live in Lyon, France. Girl, have you ever even been to Lyon? Also, props to the guy who suddenly turned the impromptu interview into a rally for the legalization of marijuana in all 52 states.

2. “Lie Witness News” — Oscars 2015

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

You gotta be informed about Academy Award-nominated films or you’re just plain out of it, right? Kimmel’s crew hit Hollywood Boulevard, the epicenter of entertainment, during awards season to ask people’s critiques of some made-up nominees and plotlines. Honestly, though, Eddie Redmayne punching Albert Einstein in the face is the only thing that could have made The Theory of Everything better, and we think that it’s possible that the guy with the curly hair may steal the award from Meryl Streep for his role in Too Stoned to Function at the 2016 Oscars. Method acting at its finest.

3. “Lie Witness News” — Miami Heat edition
Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Kimmel targets basketball fans in this edition by making up fake players, plays and basketball facts. Determined to know everything about sports, the jersey-clad Miami Heat fans lie through their teeth to seem knowledgable. But then again, my knowledge of sports could fit in a thimble and I’m only aware the people in the video are making stuff up because I read it in the caption on Kimmel’s YouTube channel. The only words I heard were “a lot of man-to-man penetration” and “cream my jeans.” The rest could have been a foreign language, for all I know.

4. “Lie Witness News” — preparing for the big one
Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

This video in which Southern Californians lied about knowing about a huge earthquake happening soon inspired me to buy more batteries, extra jugs of water and a Samsung phone. Also, the cute foreign couple made us Americans look pretty darn stupid.

5. “Lie Witness News” — SXSW 2014

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Kimmel’s previous trip to the streets of Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest was just as successful as this year’s effort. That is, if you define success as making festivalgoers look super lame. But, c’mon, doesn’t everyone love Contact Dermatitis and hope it’s a rash that spreads across the United States? However, I am not feeling DJ Heavy Flow.

6. Lie Witness News — Justin Bieber concert
Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Kimmel set out to prove that Beliebers will blindly defend their idol no matter what, and boy did he achieve his goal. I, however, totally believe that Justin Bieber meant it when he peed on the American flag.

7. “Lie Witness News” — Kim and Kanye’s new baby
Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Kimmel had someone ask these people where they were when they found out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their baby — when North hadn’t even been born yet. All I can think about now is Khloé Kardashian chewing off a cat’s umbilical cord.

8. “Lie Witness News” — World Cup edition

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Soccer fans are so passionate about Landon Donovan, they didn’t want to believe that he got cut from the U.S. team before the World Cup started. So they lied about his unbelievable performance.

9. “Lie Witness News” — Clinton edition
Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

In this edition, Kimmel’s clan made up news about former commander in chief, Bill Clinton. I don’t know what Clinton should be more offended by: the fact he looks old enough to have been part of the Louisiana Purchase or that some citizens are not diggin’ his ponytail.

10. “Lie Witness News” — President Obama edition

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

In the presidential edition of “Lie Witness News,” people once again proved that they didn’t know anything about current events by acting like they know everything about current events. Pretty sure that one of the interviewees is a screenplay writer, because Obama in bed with Kim Jong-un watching Titanic sounds like a deleted scene from The Interview.

11. “Lie Witness News” — Coachella 2013

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

SXSW festivalgoers aren’t the only Kimmel victims. In 2013, camera crews hit Coachella, the hipster event of all hipster events, because Kimmel had a hunch that those kids would act like they know every band taking the stage, even if they weren’t real.

12. “Lie Witness News” — $675 nail polish edition

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Christian Louboutin released a limited edition red nail polish, leaving Kimmel dumbfounded by the price. So where do you go when you want people to talk about ridiculously priced products? Rodeo Drive, of course! Kimmel swapped out the Louboutin polish for a $5 drugstore buy and sat back as shoppers raved about the paint and gave some beauty pageant answers.

13. “Lie Witness News” — fake Drake

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

In a very special edition of “Lie Witness News,” Kimmel sent a disguised Drake out onto the streets of Los Angeles to ask questions about himself. The footage gave us epic one-liners like, “He says that he came from the bottom. Which, most likely, he didn’t.” This video, alone, is worth watching just to see Drake in a Justin Bieber bowl cut.

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