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Seth Meyers third-degree burns Senator ‘The world is on fire’ Ted Cruz (VIDEO)

Sen. Ted Cruz recently sat down with Seth Meyers on the Late Night show where the show’s host challenged him on his climate change theories — and he did so in a very awesome way.

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In case you missed it, earlier this week, Cruz made the comment that the “world is on fire” during a speech about President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. In a clip from that speech, a little voice — which happens to be from a 3-year-old girl named Julia —  can be heard asking, “The world is on fire?!” To which the senator responded, “Yes, your world is on fire.”

There were multiple headlines blasting Cruz for “terrifying” a young girl, and he was keen to clear up those reports during his appearance on Late Night, which he did. But while there, Meyers did not hold back and challenged Cruz’s views on climate change.

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“First, I got excited, because I thought maybe you were coming around on global warming, but that’s not the case, right?” Meyers asked Cruz. “Because I think the world’s on fire, literally — hottest year on record — but you’re not there, right?”

What was Cruz’s response? He spoke about the cold weather he had just experienced over the weekend in New Hampshire, where Meyers is from.

“It’s interesting that you say that, as I just came back from New Hampshire, where there’s snow and ice everywhere,” Cruz said. “My view actually is simple. Debates on this should follow science and should follow data. And many of the alarmists on global warming, they’ve got a problem because the science doesn’t back them up.”

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He then went on to explain that satellite data is proving there is no global warming.

“Satellite data demonstrate for the last 17 years there’s been zero warming — none whatsoever,” Cruz explained — a claim many scientists have dismissed.

In response, Meyers made a joke about the comparison between computers and DirecTV.

“So you trust satellites more than computers?” Meyers asks Cruz, adding, “‘Cause I have DirecTV, but I’d rather watch on my computer.”

Even though Meyers did not back down during his questioning, we were impressed with how tactfully he delivered his questions, and it made the interview truly spectacular to watch.

Watch the video of the interview below.

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