Madonna forced to defend dating younger men, despite the double standard

Madonna’s M.O. is being out on the edge and pushing the envelope of traditional thinking.

And she is known for often being involved with much younger men. So it goes to follow that whenever Madonna gets interviewed, someone will inevitably ask her about the age of the men she is dating or has dated.

The same happened on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She was discussing her daughter and Lourdes’ boyfriend when the conversation turned to the singer herself.

When Madonna revealed the youngest man she has dated in the past six years was a 22-year-old, she added, “Why is everyone so obsessed? Age is just a number. Until you’re walking with a Zimmer frame, you can do whatever you want.” Side note: a Zimmer frame is a walker.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Then Ellen, I’m sure realizing she had kind of stepped in it, chimes in and points out that men are always dating younger women, but nothing is ever said to them nor is a big deal ever made.

I would expect Ellen, a person who belongs to a group of people who have had to fight for their own relationship rights, would know something like this is just not cool.

Men, especially in Hollywood, have, for centuries been toting around women significantly younger than them. (Hello, Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson.) But a woman who begins dating a younger man, like Madonna when she was with Jesus Luz, are treated as a joke and called names like cougar. Society can’t seem to fathom that a young man would find an older woman attractive.

What is with that impossibly stupid double standard? It is one of the most annoying ways in which women experience double standards today.

Hey, society, take a cue from Madonna: Age is just number.


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