Rihanna disses her music, even though it launched her career

Don’t think Rihanna’s earlier works were her best? You’re not alone.

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Those who think the “FourFiveSeconds” singer’s first hits don’t have any staying power: Rihanna agrees. She admitted in a recent interview with MTV that even she isn’t a fan of those first chart-toppers.

“I’ve made a lot of songs that are just really, really big songs,” the Grammy-winning singer said. “From the jump, they just blow up. And I wanted to kind of just get back to… not that they weren’t real music, but I just wanted to focus on things that felt real, that felt soulful, that felt forever.”

RiRi continued, “I wanted songs that I could perform in 15 years. I wanted an album that I could perform in 15 years — not any songs that were burnt out. I find that when I get on stage now, I don’t want to perform a lot of my songs because they don’t feel like me. So I want to make songs that are timeless.”

But though she may not like them, she’s still performing them. Rihanna toured with Eminem last summer, and during her performances, she played all the hits that made her famous, including 2007’s “Umbrella,” 2008’s “Live Your Life,” 2009’s “Run This Town” and 2010’s “Rude Boy,” according to Us magazine, presumably the same songs she’s saying aren’t her most real.

Rihanna’s remarks come on the same day Sinead O’Connor took major flak for saying she’s discontinuing performances of her biggest hit, “Nothing Compares 2 U,” because she no longer has any emotional attachment to the song, she said.

“The first principle of the manner in which I’m trained as a singer (Bel Canto) is we never sing a song we don’t emotionally identify with,” O’Connor wrote in a Facebook post to fans. “After twenty-five years of singing it, nine months or so ago I finally ran out of anything I could use in order to bring some emotion to it.

Rihanna’s realizations about her past hits give us high hopes, at least, for her upcoming album. Though R8 doesn’t have a release date yet, it will reportedly be led by RiRi’s Kanye West and Paul McCartney collaboration, “FourFiveSeconds.”

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Do you agree with Rihanna’s take on her past hits? Or do you love ’em, even if they aren’t exactly deep and soulful? Sound off down in the comments!