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Pretty Little Liars: 12 Reasons Hanna makes sense as ‘A’

Pretty Little Liars is promising Big A’s reveal next episode. But before we finally, finally discover the identity (assuming producers and the show aren’t lying… again), I’m putting my two cents in and calling Hanna Ashley Benson as Big A, and here’s why.

1. She looks like Ali

The show has always played up how much Hanna emulated Ali while playing up A’s connection to Ali, too. So if Hanna looks like Ali, and A looks like Ali… then it’s a simple A+B = C equation to get to Hanna equals Big A.

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2. She became the new “it” girl

Once Ali disappeared, Hanna took her place. The girls say it a lot, especially in Season 1, but Detective Wilden even mentions it.

3. She and Mona were best friends

Back to the simple math here: If Hanna was the “it” girl, Mona (Janel Parrish) was her right hand in the crowd. Then if Mona is Minor A (which we know to be true), then it only makes sense that Hanna is Big A. The connection they share is irrefutable.

Caveat to this: I don’t think Hanna actually killed Mona. I do think Mona was getting cold feet about everything though and wanted out of the inner A circle. I actually think Mona faked her death to get away from Hanna once and for all.

4. She used to be the one who was picked on most

Hanna has the most motive to hate Ali and the other liars because they just stood by as she was getting picked on for being overweight.

5. Hanna is secretly smart

Sometimes her dumb act is too overdone, and I don’t think this is the result of overacting. I think it’s an intentional ploy. Plus, we know she’s smart. Remember, Caleb found Hanna’s SAT scores and she did crazy well.

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6. Jail time

If Hanna is A, then we have to find a way to explain her jail time right now, right? I do that through my theory that Mona isn’t actually dead, and she’s setting Hanna up to try to make it safe for her to come out of hiding.

Either that or Hanna intentionally got herself incarcerated to get information from Ali that would keep her behind bars and exonerate herself.

7. All of the girls look at Hanna in the intro

Did you ever notice that in the intro, all the girls look at Hanna, who just stares “innocently” off into the distance?

Pretty Little Liars intro gazes

Why would they do that unless Hanna’s the one with the Big A secret?

8. Hanna didn’t shoot when she had the chance

In Season 4 Episode 24, Hanna had the prime opportunity to shoot the black-hooded figure everyone assumed was A in disguise. But what if it was Hanna’s accomplice, and she didn’t shoot because she didn’t want s/he discovered?

9. The Twin Theory

I. Marlene King said in a new interview with Hollywood Life not to rule out The Twin Theory just yet. In the books, Ali has a twin sister named Courtney. The show has said they aren’t going that route, but King said just because Courtney won’t show up doesn’t mean there isn’t still some twin stuff going on. So what if Hanna is the one with the twin secret? We really don’t know a ton about her past other than that she didn’t come from money. So what if her mom couldn’t take care of two girls and gave one of them up for adoption? What if that secret twin is Ali and Hanna somehow knows the truth?

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10. I. Marlene King said some fan theories are correct

In the same interview, Hollywood Life said King suggested, “Many people have already guessed who A is, but they haven’t correctly stated why.” She added that A may even be someone’s twin (going back to No. 9).

11. Ashley Benson knows Big A’s identity

Benson, who plays Hanna in the show, knows who Big A is as she revealed during the Halloween special. Troian Bellisario (who plays Spencer) is also in on the dirt, but the other liars have no idea. Why would Benson and Bellisario know unless it was somehow extremely pertinent to their characters? My favorite theory to explain this is that Hanna is Big A and Spencer will be the one who ultimately catches her.

12. She’s under contract

Big A has to be someone who is under contract for the next two seasons since they can’t risk they main villain booking another job and leaving the show. Those contracts were offered only to the main actors, which means A must be among them.

If my theory is correct, then Caleb is in on it…

Caleb has to know. The way they were talking during tonight’s episode at the prison makes me think Hanna wasn’t telling him to escape from Rosewood; she was telling him to escape from the A way of life, which enforces the theory that Mona is alive and setting Hanna up.

I also don’t think the show is going to deliver on Big A next week since they have to keep the show going through Season 7. I think that it’s going to be revealed that Mona is alive and back at the A game, turning the tables on Hanna.

Obviously, if Mona is actually alive, then all the accomplice charges against the girls will be dropped and they’ll all be released from prison next episode.

Do you think Hanna makes the most sense as ‘A’?

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