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7 Reasons The Royals sucks, according to Reddit

E! is taking a page out of Bravo’s book by trying its hand at a scripted series — like Bravo did with Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce — with the new show, The Royals.

The show, which premiered on Sunday, March 15, centers around a fictional, modern-day royal family’s escapades through London and stars Elizabeth Hurley as the evil queen. Glamor, partying, scandal and soapy goodness are all qualities The Royals promises to have.

While we commend and support E!’s decision to step away from reality TV and, let’s face it, produce something that doesn’t include the Kardashians, Reddit has branded the effort a big miss. Or should we say a bloody mess?

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Here are all of the reasons why Reddit thinks The Royals is rubbish. Warning: May contain spoilers if you haven’t watched the first episode.

1. It’s not Gossip Girl

Leighton Meester

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One user called The Royals an “obvious Gossip Girl knockoff that manages to have all the angst and none of the swagger.” The user also added, “Whatever you think of Gossip Girl, it unquestionably used music smartly and rarely got heavy-handed with it. The Royals, which opens with ‘Gimme Shelter,’ only knows heavy-handed.”

2. But it is One Tree Hill

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One user pointed out that the show, which was created by Mark Schwahn, shares similar qualities with some of Schwahn’s previous efforts, but not in a good way. “There were maybe 3 minutes of the show that wasn’t horribly soundtracked to death,” ItsBobDoleYo wrote. “The show is exactly the quality you would expect a show from the creator of One Tree Hill to be.”

3. Elizabeth Hurley is too sleazy

Elizabeth Hurley

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The same user who thinks The Royals is the poor man’s Gossip Girl took issue with the way the show is cast. “Hurley’s natural sleaziness simply doesn’t work for the role,” wrote AlfredosSauce. “The casting goes up there with Keanu Reeves as Buddha and Meg Ryan the helicopter pilot.”

4. It’s way too unrealistic

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Redditors thought some of the plot was just too far-fetched. “When the bodyguard gloated he had a sex tape of the princess and she just let him walk out with it — instead of calling one of the many, many people around to take the phone — I was done,” trytryagainn mused.

5. The bits of morality take away from the essence of the show

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Go big or go home, Reddit advises. “They need to tone down the morality tales from the King,” wrote bakko1. “It’s a trashy soap, you’ve got to go 90MPH.”

6. It’s culturally inaccurate


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What the hell does E! know about British culture? Not a lot, according to British Redditors, who felt that production hadn’t done their due diligence in terms of research. “It’s a show about English royalty made by Americans who probably haven’t even been to England or even watched an English show. Ever. This is crap,” wrote balexig.

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7. Did we mention it’s not Gossip Girl?

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“It’s like a cheap, British version of Gossip Girl with worse actors,” LascielCoin reiterated.

What do you think? Are you Team Royals or Team Reddit?

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