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LMFAO’s Redfoo reveals his new DWTS BFF, and our one hint is: ThighMaster

Singer, producer, DJ, one-half of electro-pop duo LMFAO… mirror ball trophy winner? If Redfoo has anything to say about it, we may just see his stint on Season 20’s Dancing with the Stars end in the latter. Until then, though, he’ll be giving us the scoop on his smooth moves right here each week.

SheKnows: So, how do you feel about last night’s cha-cha?

Redfoo: I feel good about it… I just wanted to go out there and establish myself. I think that’s what me and my partner wanted to do — just come out and do the Redfoo thing. Have the passion, have the charisma, have the showmanship. I did my best to learn the cha-cha as fast as possible and as good as possible and, you know, I agree with the judges’ comments about it. The straight legs and just the smoothness of the cha-cha — those were some of my challenges, but I feel that I gave it my best 100 percent. I practiced as hard as I could. So all the energy feels good.

SK: Julianne Hough said she wished you had put a little more jiggle in your “Juicy Wiggle.” Can we count on that moving forward?

RF: Yeah, because moving the hips — even though I wiggle and I do all that — like the Latin way and the salsa way and all that stuff has always been a little tricky for me. And, you know, the judges want to see that, so I’m going to move forward with that… although my next dance is a jive, and it doesn’t really have much of that in there.

SK: The jive is such a fast-moving dance. Are you looking forward to picking up the pace even more?

RF: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’ll be faster. The track is faster. I’ll pick it up pace-wise. The jive is something that is a little more natural for me. Although if I can put some hips in there somehow then that would be amazing, because you’ve still gotta meet the judges’ expectations.

SK: I’m a super-competitive person and we can smell our own. When the judges gave you 22 out of 40, you were a great sport — but it seemed like your soul may have winced a bit. Did that light a little fire in you?

RF: Yeah, for sure. For sure! It definitely lit a fire. It’s really motivating to get those scores up, and I think I like to be kind of the underdog.

SK: You have such a strong fan base rooting for you. How are you feeling moving into the first elimination round next week? Are you feeling confident your fans will come through for you?

RF: I hope so. I’m very confident in my fan base. We will see. That’s why I’m just reminding them over social media, ‘Hey, you gotta vote.’ I know how important it is being on these shows before — the voting is all that counts really. And sometimes fans think, ‘Oh, he’s got a lot of fans. I don’t need to vote.’ But everybody needs to vote.

SK: Well, let’s talk sartorially for a second… I was really diggin’ your threads. Will you be incorporating your clothing line, La Freak, into your wardrobe every week?

RF: It just depends on what’s called for. It’s really what the wardrobe people at Dancing want to do. They wanted to do a big Redfoo theme the first week to just kind of establish myself. Kind of like the Suzanne Somers thing. She’s about the ThighMaster, so they did that whole theme with her. I think the show is about growth, and I’ll have to go into different characters, not just the Redfoo character. I’m going to have to play different roles in the dances.

SK: I’m glad you mentioned Suzanne Somers, because you tweeted that you’ve found a kindred spirit in the TV icon. What makes her instant bestie material?

RF: She’s just a lover of life, and she likes to be happy. She thinks very positive, and we share similar ideas about health and success philosophy and imagining your future. It was, like, everything we talked about if I brought it up, she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I totally agree!’ If she brought it up, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I agree!’ She taught me some stuff, shared some knowledge about food and health, and as such she inspired me to look at a new way of eating. Because I’m really into food and nutrition — you know, Is sugar good or bad? Is fat good or bad? We had some conversations about that that really inspired me.

SK: Yeah, I think I’d listen to anything that lady says about health and wellness. She looks phenomenal. As far as the rest of the competition, who surprised you the most last night?

RF: I think Rumer Willis is real strong. I even think Willow [Shields] was strong. You know, for 14, she’s amazing. I think that Riker had great energy. And, you know, who knows? Because next week most likely everyone is doing a different dance. The cha-cha was probably my most difficult, whereas next week I have a dance I feel like fits my strengths. Someone else might have a dance that doesn’t suit their strengths.

SK: Did anything particularly crazy or funny happen behind the scenes we, the viewers, didn’t get to see?

RF: On the live stream, Patti LaBelle had brought some hot stuff, and that was incredible. I was eatin’ some hot sauce and some BBQ sauce. And then Suzanne Somers had about 20 of those ThighMasters backstage. She told me she was going to give me one, but it’s a vibrating ThighMaster. I’m not sure if I need all that. (laughs) But that was all fun.

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