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Our Little Family‘s Michelle: How I teach my kids about being different

There are many things that you don’t get to see on the show this year.

One of my favorite things was seeing how much love Cece and Cate actually have for each other. Of course, television likes drama and their little catfights are much more entertaining, but it really is cute just seeing them play together. They make up games with each other, they have tea parties, picnics and push their strollers together with their babies in them. It has to be one of the cutest things in the world; I am not just saying this because they are my girls.

They are already forming such a bond that I have to say I am kind of jealous of. I don’t have a sister and I would have loved one. When one gets hurt the other one is very concerned and sometimes starts to cry also. I am not going to say that it is always that wonderful between them; they do have their times when they don’t share and take things away from each other, but their twin bond moments are certainly more plentiful.

How we plan to teach our kids what being “different” means

Dan and I don’t really have a plan to teach our kids about what being different means. We will answer any questions that any of our kids have about being different or little, but we are not going to sit down with them and have a “come to Jesus” meeting. Jack is really starting to get it now and will just blurt out questions that are kind of deep and floor you sometimes, but we just answer them and try to help him understand. At least on this topic we can come up with the answer easier than questions about a word he heard at school or on the bus or something. We feel that this is who we are, and we are so proud of being little that we don’t need to dwell on the fact that we are different. We feel that we are all a little bit different in our own way.

Why we’re glad our kids are “little”

It all started with Jack. I’m not completely sure why but I kind of hoped he’d be little. I think it is just that I wanted to have an even more special bond with him than a mother and son would anyway, just something special we shared and a trait I could help lead him through life with. When we got pregnant again, and then found out it was twins, our hopes became a little more deep-seated. It really became a hope that if one of them was little that they both would be. We hoped that once that train was rolling we’d all be on it, and one wouldn’t be different from the rest of the family. Of course these were really only little hopes we had. In reality, we would have had no problem with one, two or three of the kids being average size. I really just mean the same type of hope one might have for the baby to be a girl or a boy — it might be a little dream you have but doesn’t change your position as their parent when the day actually comes and you find out who they are.

We do get that there is a vibe from some people of why would we want kids like ourselves, when they imagine our life has been nothing but heartache and pain. To be honest, only about two percent of our life has been like that. The other 98 percent has been completely great, which makes our percentages higher than most people in the world.

Dan and I both just feel we have had a great family life and now are on that journey with “our little family,” and expect they will be as proud to be little people as we are.

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