Kanye West praises Kim Kardashian by posting tons of nude pics (PHOTOS)

Kanye West might have slut-shamed his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, but he’s quite happy to share naked pictures of his wife, Kim Kardashian, with the rest of the world.

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Taking to Twitter on Monday night, the rapper gushed about how lucky he was to be with the reality TV star with a series of nude pictures that show her struggling to hide her bulging breasts with her arms while also trying to cover her lady bits.

So, what was the occasion that called for a series of nude pictures of Kardashian?

Apparently the “Bound 2” hit maker decided that the best way to celebrate his wife’s Twitter milestone — she has just reached 30 million followers —  as well as Sunday’s U.S. premiere of the 10th season of her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, was to post pictures of her body.

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He then went on to boast about how lucky he was again, and shared several pictures with the caption, “SWISH!!!”

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Sure, Kardashian naked is not anything that the world has not seen before, but these two really do like to share TMI from their private lives. Kardashian was pleased with her husband’s tribute, though, and rather than tell him in person she decided to respond to him via Twitter.

We’re guessing it’s Kanye West’s turn to try and break the internet now, eh?


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