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Screen Junkies’ Cinderella trailer is funny, but it got one thing wrong (VIDEO)

The Screen Junkies are back with yet another delightfully honest trailer for the 1950s animated version of Cinderella.

In the wake of what they point out seems like an endless production of the fairy-tale classic, they took the opportunity to capitalize on the release of the most recent version, featuring the lovely Lily James as the lead shoe-loser and Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother.

The video takes aim at Cinderella’s “slave” treatment, and the Screen Junkies use their usual sharp mocking songs and made-up lyrics.

While it is funny, and, for the most part true, I have issues with comparing the outdated gender stereotypes of the 1950s with the strong and empowered princesses of recent years, like Merida and Elsa.

Yeah, the overarching themes of Cinderella are outdated, but fairy tales still serve a greater purpose to help children build their imaginations. Retelling the old ones doesn’t erase the new and more updated themes of movies like Brave and Frozen, which better reflect today’s thinking.

One thing I agree with 100 percent? Calling the evil stepsisters the Kardashians. They hit that one out of the park.


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