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The Rock lip-syncs Taylor Swift, plus 5 more times he’s made us laugh (VIDEO)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is usually known for his massive body and spectacular moves in the ring, but he’s had an extensive acting career (assuming you don’t count wrestling as acting), too. And, believe it or not, The Rock is funny as hell!

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The Rock recently posted a video to Instagram of him lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and it’s pretty funny (and cute). The stunt is part of a promotion for LL Cool J’s new show, Lip Sync Battle. We’re excited for the Spike original competition show, but we were also quickly distracted remembering some of The Rock’s finest, funniest moments. First, though, you need to see the T-Swizzle tribute.

Laughing yet? Us, too. But, that’s not even his funniest moment. While The Rock was still actively pursuing the WWE belt and spending time in the ring, he made sure to keep wrestling fans entertained even when he wasn’t laying the smackdown on Triple H. As a matter of fact, one of his best moments was when he mocked Triple H with a hilarious imitation.
That’s not his only impersonation, though. The guys of WWE love to make fun of each other, but no one is as good at mocking the other guys as The Rock. Check out this video of him imitating some of his biggest competitors.

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Lip Sync Battle also doesn’t even represent the first time The Rock has chosen to sing in front of an audience. He’s been known to sing in the ring, too. And as if his amazing lyricism isn’t funny enough, check out the faces he makes while strumming the guitar.
Then, of course, we can’t overlook The Rock’s recent Instagram post of him playing the triangle. Why? Who knows. But that big grin and snicker are totally contagious.
And, why did The Rock’s character jump from a building and “aim for the bushes” in The Other Guys? You’ll have to watch the movie and find out, but we smirk just thinking about it when we watch this clip.

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