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Kim Kardashian accused of ‘whitewashing’ North West (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian seems to be all about mixing up her natural looks lately, and it turns out North West isn’t exempt from the changes.

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Kardashian shared Photoshopped pictures of her baby on Instagram. One image showed the little one with green eyes and in the other they were blue. Baby North naturally has brown eyes.
Kardashian was sure to make a note on the photos that she simply stumbled across them online, thought they were cute and decided to share. She didn’t make the edits herself and the eye color certainly wasn’t the result of contacts. Still, the reality star garnered quite a lot of criticism from people who think she should show off her baby just how she is and not encourage unrealistic beauty expectations.

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Kardashian surely made the note about contact lenses because she and her hubby, Kanye West, recently sported some icy blue-eyed contacts in images that went viral. Pair that with Kardashian’s new platinum blond hair and some have started speculating that the reality star’s beauty goals are flawed and reflective of society’s unrealistic expectations.

Add North West into the mix of those accusations and you get a parenting expert who says Kardashian treats her daughter like an “accessory baby,” according to Radar Online. These pictures only seem to fuel that fire of rumors.

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On the flip side to that, Kardashian was sure to note on the photos that, while she found them endearing, they are “not as cute as my brown eyed Wolfie.”

Do you think the photos Kim Kardashian posted of North West encourage unrealistic beauty expectations?

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