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Shia LeBeouf’s heartbeat art project will send shivers down your spine

Shia LaBeouf is giving you an up-close-and-personal glimpse inside himself by participating in an art project that will live stream his heartbeat for your listening and viewing pleasure over the next six days.

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The project is courtesy of Metamodern Performance Art and is called “Follow My Heart.” You can check out the live link anytime you’d like for as long as you’d like within the next six days. We don’t recommend watching a horror movie prior to checking in on LaBeouf’s heart. It’s already eerie enough to have each beat projected via the internet.

The project was announced at SxSW and included a statement from the team behind it, which explained, “When people say, ‘listen to your heart,’ they are urging us to turn in to the loving side of ourselves; the imaginative, the intuitive, the compassionate, the inner wisdom we all possess. They are telling us to listen to our passion.

“With our physical distance collapsed by the networks, that innermost and most intimate of rhythms will be rendered immediate on our digital screens. Like cats have whiskers, we too are born with a guidance system: our heart. It is our inner GPS, our map, and our guide,” the statement continued. “It promises to lead us down the path of maximum fulfillment. If you #FollowMyHeart, it may lead to yours.”

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According to E! Online, LaBeouf also commented on the project during an SxSW panel Monday morning. “Every time my heart rate goes up, I’ll stop, breathe and focus on getting my heart rate lower numerically. I’ve had panic attacks throughout most of my life, whether it’s at work or whether I’ve been drinking heavily. I haven’t had that for a while, and this is a constant reminder to stay at a constant numerical place to find peace.”

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This is far from the first unique art project experience LaBeouf has participated in. He spent five days in February 2014 sitting in a Los Angeles art gallery with a paper bag over his head that read, “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE,” with some pretty shocking results. LaBeouf also wore the paper bag on his head during the premiere of his film, Nymphomaniac.

Do you think LaBeouf’s newest project is art or a clever publicity stunt?

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