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30 Years of Neighbours: A look back at the craziest plotlines

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since Neighbours first screened on our TVs? To celebrate, we’re looking back at the craziest plotlines — the ones that made us laugh, the ones that made us cry and the ones that made us ask, “Who writes this?”

Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with Neighbours. We’ve cried over 35 deaths and at 40 weddings. We’ve seen two people come back from the dead and at least a couple of plotlines that involved characters losing their sight, but what are the craziest stories we remember?

1. Bouncer falls in love

Was this Neighbours‘ greatest love story ever? Ramsay Street’s beloved pooch had a love plot of his own. While his owners, Joe and Kerry Mangel, watched their wedding video, Bouncer dreamt of his true love, Rosie.

Video: The Soapology Channel/YouTube/Grundy Television Australia

2. A bomb blows up a charter flight

In celebration of Lassiter’s turning 20, Paul Robinson chartered a private plane for a joyride with a few of Neighbours‘ favourite cast members. A mysterious person, who turned out to be Paul’s son Robert, blew up the plane and tried to set up his identical twin, Cameron, to take the fall. Harold Bishop’s son, David, was found dead, while Connor O’Neill and Dylan Timmins washed up on the shore and took the opportunity to fake their own deaths to avoid arrest for a crime they were wanted for.

Video: Cornwallgirl/YouTube/GrundyTelevision Australia

3. Toadie kills his wife on their wedding day

If there was an episode that had us reaching for the tissues, it was this one. Dee Bliss was the love of Toadfish’s life, not that anyone could believe she agreed to marry him. After exchanging I dos, the pair set off to begin their life together. It was cut short after Toadie and his beautiful new bride plunged over a cliff in a car into the ocean. Dee was never seen again.

Video: Boldaussie27/YouTube/Grundy Television Australia

4. Susan Kennedy takes Dr. Karl back again

Seriously, Dr. Karl’s not that hot and he’s cheated on his wife, Susan Kennedy, time and time again. There has been a string of women — Sarah, Izzy, Jenny and Jessica to name a few. He is obviously a serial womaniser and, despite divorcing, they’re currently back together again, but for how long?

Video: Lorenzo Monteford/YouTube/Grundy Television Australia

5. Stephanie Scully kidnaps a baby believing it’s her son she gave up for adoption

If there is anyone who has had more bad luck than Toadie, it has to be Stephanie Scully. She fell in love with her best friend Libby’s husband, and after he died, Libby’s new boyfriend Dan. Steph ended up with breast cancer and was sent to jail, only to return to have a psychotic breakdown.

Video: Channel 5/YouTube/Grundy Television Australia

6. Harold Bishop strangles Paul Robinson

Driven to the edge after losing his son, David Bishop, in a plane crash and sick of Paul Robinson’s conniving ways, jolly Harold Bishop felt like he had nothing left to lose. In the heat of the moment, Harold headed over to Paul’s place to wring his neck like a chicken.

Video: Centreofa/YouTube/Grundy Television Australia

7. Toadie becomes a wrestler

Okay, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking the show scriptwriters were starting to run out of ideas when they made the decision to transform the loveable Toadfish into a wrestler called “The Lawman”.

Video: TVfilmmedia/YouTube/Grundy Television Australia

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