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Empire season finale sneak peek: Snoop and Lucious Lyon make sweet music

Need further proof that Empire was where it’s at this season? Snoop Dogg just posted a snippet from his performance on this week’s finale and it’s off the chizzle.

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In this week’s season finale of Empire, showrunners have once again gone all-out to recruit serious star power to guest star. Snoop Lion will drop by the show and work with the breakout hit’s leading man, Lucious Lyon, to promote his new album, BUSH. Technically, the album was produce entirely by Pharrell Williams (of course), but for the benefit of the show, Snoop will be working with Lyon. Snoop will be playing himself, though, and BUSH is very real. Empire will even debut his first single “Peaches N Cream” during the show, marking the first time it will be performed publicly.

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Check out this first clip of the show, which Snoop posted on his Facebook feed earlier today.

We were already stoked for all the drama set to go down on the new show’s season finale, but now we’re even more excited to witness Snoop in all his glory.

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