Teen Mom‘s Tyler Baltierra recalls terrifying, drug-related brush with death

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra has been candid about his troubled past in recent weeks, having revealed his secret drug use as a teenager — something that almost killed him.

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During an interview with Radar Online, Baltierra opened up about his past and how one terrifying, near-death experience helped him realize just how dangerous his lifestyle choices were.

Speaking of the time that he overdosed on air duster while at a friend’s house — something which he touched on in his and fiancée Catelynn Lowell’s new memoir Conquering Chaos — Baltierra revealed he “could have died” from that incident.

Kids die all the time from air duster,” he told Radar Online. “I know the risks are really high. I was really lucky.”

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It was that awful moment, when Baltierra suffered a seizure, that he realized he would never huff again.

“I freaked out and said, ‘I’ll never do it again,'” he recalled, adding, “That was enough for me!”

Baltierra and Lowell are both clean now, and they consider the pregnancy of their first daughter, Carly (who they gave up for adoption) to be the turning point in their lives.

“Being so young and having to make a grown up decision made me think about the world and it definitely changed our perspective,” Lowell told the publication. “Now we have someone on this earth to live for and do great things for. We have to prove to her that we placed her for adoption for a reason, so we could better our lives.”

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We’re so glad Baltierra and Lowell have been able to turn their lives around in such a positive and inspiring way, and we wish them all the best in their future together.