Australia has a new Bachelor and he looks like the type you’d bring home to Mum

If there’s one thing that we can count on with The Bachelor Australia, it’s that we can expect some man candy — and you thought I was going to say scandal. There’s no denying it; even if the candied man in question does end up leaving a bit of a sour taste in your mouth post-proposal, he’s bound to be a looker.

As well as man candy, there’s always the styled perfection that is Osher Günsberg’s hair, which, let’s face it, should have a television show all to itself. But in all seriousness, the Bachelor is usually an absolute spunk, and it looks like the program has delivered in the looks department this year, too.

So who is he? And why is he such a catch? Well, let’s get to know him, shall we? Australia’s latest Bachelor is a handsome chap by the name of Sam Wood and here are 10 reasons why you’d definitely bring this guy home to mum.

1. He’s from the Tasmania, which means he’s probably got that small-town charm about him.

2. He’s a personal trainer, which, apart from killer abs, probably means he’s really into his food and has a massive appetite. Cue home-cooked meals with the family.

3. Wood loves kids! He’s even the founder of Gecko Kids, which is a company that promotes health and fitness for kids. Are your ovaries singing yet?

4. If the folks want to make sure your man has a decent job, you can tell them that Wood isn’t just a businessman, he’s an entrepreneur with more than 35 kids’ activity centres around the country. “My passion continues with the love I have for owning my own business. With an entrepreneurial father in the hospitality industry, I think business was something I was destined to do,” Woods said. Swoon.

5. He seems open about his emotions. Bless! “Being the Bachelor is a real privilege and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I plan on embracing the experience with an open mind, while wearing my heart on my sleeve,” Wood said about the new role.

6. Wood appears as confident as they come, but not in a cocky way. He shouldn’t have too much trouble in front of the camera during The Bachelor, either, because he’s already featured in some Swisse promotional videos.

7. The man wears his heart on his sleeve. “Ultimately I’m searching for the love of my life. I’m going to throw myself into the adventure and I’m prepared to have the absolute time of my life,” Woods said.

8. Even Osher thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, saying Woods is “the kind of guy any man would want to be mates with.” I can sense a bromance coming on.

9. Did we mention he loves kids?

10. And he’s a babe?

What do you think about the new Bachelor? Would you bring him home to Mum?

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