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Belle Gibson’s fans turn on her after her cancer diagnosis is called into question

How far did Belle Gibson go to become famous?

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The Australian wellness blogger, who just launched a recipe and lifestyle app called The Whole Pantry along with a debut book, is being accused of going way, way too far.

According to The Guardian, her claims that her healthy lifestyle turned around a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer were never verified and might not be true at all.

The Guardian says the book describes how Gibson “began a journey of self-education that resulted in her getting back to basics as she set out to heal herself through nutrition and lifestyle changes.” But her publisher never actually verified that the 23-year-old author had cancer.

“We did not feel this was necessary as The Whole Pantry is a collection of food recipes, which Penguin has published in good faith,” a spokesperson for the publisher told The Daily Mail. “We are concerned about the questions raised in recent days — we’ll discuss them with Belle as ultimately only she can answer the questions.”

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Last year, E! News reports, Gibson claimed her brain cancer had spread to her kidneys, uterus, spleen and blood. Now, she’s saying she may have been misdiagnosed.

I’m still going through understanding what’s happening with my body,” she said, according to The Australian.

Then there’s the app, which was supposed to raise money for charities. The Whole Pantry admitted this week it has “cash flow problems,” according to E!, and the site reports those promised donations were never made.

Amid all the controversy, former fans of Gibson are taking to social media to express their disappointment.

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What’s your take on the Belle Gibson story? Do you think she actually faked having cancer to sell more books and apps? Or do you believe her side of the story? Head down to the comments and let us know.

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