Chris Harrison has some major beef with Bethenny Frankel (VIDEO)

Of all the people Chris Harrison could have a celebrity feud with, Bethenny Frankel is one of the last people we would have expected.

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But The Bachelor host candidly revealed to Access Hollywood that his problem with Frankel is personal.

“I knew her dad. I loved her dad,” Harrison revealed. “She didn’t love her dad. I loved her dad more. Her dad was a great Hall of Fame horse trainer, Bobby Frankel.”

Frankel’s father passed away in 2009 after a cancer battle, and their relationship struggles were partially documented on The Real Housewives of New York.

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During an episode in 2010, viewers saw that Bobby initially refused to see his daughter when she flew from New York to Los Angeles to be with him. He eventually had a change of heart, however, and the two got to visit one another before he passed away.

Bethenny did not attend her father’s funeral.

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Access Hollywood hosts Bush and Hoover seemed surprised by Harrison’s response, which came up during the interview because they were playing a game with Harrison, asking him which stars he would or wouldn’t date. Frankel received a clear thumbs down.

“I didn’t like how she treated her dad after he passed away,” Harrison continued, shaking a finger and telling the hosts to switch photos, almost as though he didn’t want to even look at her anymore. “No, no, switch,” he said when hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover tried to ask him more questions about Frankel.

Harrison was much nicer about the other ladies in the lineup. He described Kris Jenner as a “great friend” and an “awesome person.” He also knows Denise Richards, who he said is “great and I love her.” Sandra Bullock and Kristen Wiig also received positive responses from Harrison, who split with his wife in 2012.

Watch the full clip of Harrison’s response to Frankel below.


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