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President Obama reads mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Now this has got to be embarrassing.

Well, maybe just a little bit cool, too.

You are mad about the increase of the price of your favorite beer. What do you do? Blame the president in a tweet, of course! It’s not like he’s going to read it on national television.

Oh… wait.
President Barack Obama got the celeb treatment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was afforded the opportunity to read mean tweets, and they did not disappoint. Although, if we are being honest… they could have truly been brutal. Kimmel kept it PG and funny, though.
Obama even took the opportunity to troll the trolls when he said, “You know, the ‘lol’ is redundant when you have the ‘ha-ha.'”
But when Kimmel came out in the god-awful jeans… I just about lost it.
So funny. Take a look.

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