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Kathy Griffin announces she’s leaving Fashion Police with unapologetic rant

Kathy Griffin just dropped a huge, #unapologetic bomb.

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After only seven episodes on Fashion Police, the My Life on the D-List star is cutting ties with the show and the E! network, she announced on Facebook in a long, candid rant.

“Hi, my name is Kathy Griffin,” she wrote in a photo posted to the social media site. “I’m 54, have written and starred in 23 stand-up comedy specials, have two EMMYS, a Grammy, a NYTimes #1 Bestseller, decades of activism for the #LGBT community, have performed for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, among many other things. When I chose to step into the shoes of my beloved friend Joan Rivers at Fashion Police, I was thrilled to continue her legacy as a woman being brash and eccentric on television. I am a freedom-loving female and gay rights activist who loves to find the funny in all people… but only when the context permits intelligent humor.”

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Griffin replaced Rivers on the show after Rivers’ death last year. She’s the second host to leave the show in recent weeks — Kelly Osbourne walked out last month following controversy over Giuliana Rancic’s joke that insinuated singer Zendaya was a drug user because she had dreadlocks.

It sounds like Griffin’s decision to depart the show follows some pretty major creative differences with the E! network. Her statement goes on to say, “After 7 episodes of Fashion Police, I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative direction of the show & now it’s time to move on.”

She adds at the end, “I wish E! and the E! team only the best and I hope to continue to make you all laugh performing live or on television where I can be smart, irreverent, unrepentant and unafraid in an observational way that is candid, honest and justified,” which sounds like she may have been asked by the show or the network to censor some of her comments. We can’t tell for sure, though, because she doesn’t go into any further detail than that — she ends her statement by saying, “Thank you to my fans for taking this ride with me. See you at the gay bars…and the MF-ing KENNEDY CENTER… How’s that for #unapologetic?”

Well, if she was going for #unapologetic, she #nailedit.

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What’s your take on Kathy Griffin’s abrupt departure from Fashion Police? Are you sad to see her go? Or can they replace her with someone better? Sound off down in the comments!

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