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Kanye West and Miley Cyrus targeted by angry hacktivists (VIDEO)

A group claiming to be the hacktivist organization Anonymous has posted a video targeting Kanye West and Miley Cyrus by throwing some major shade.

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The video titled “Anonymous — A Message to Mr. West” shows a V for Vendetta mask with some clips of West and Kim Kardashian peppered in the nearly eight-minute rant.

“You’re like a spoiled child in a grown man’s body who is ready to set off a boiling temper tantrum the very moment you don’t get all the things you want,” the British-accented voice says. “I bet your wife is subconsciously fed up with raising a little boy for a husband and I am sure your mother would have been so proud of your behavior.

West’s mom died in 2007 from surgical complications.

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“You see, Mr. West, we once had a great deal of respect for you,” the masked face says. “We admired your art, creativity, original vision and nonconformity in your work. But now, Anonymous has targeted you here with this message because you disgrace what we stand for. When you self-proclaim to be a modern renaissance prodigy in your radio and TV interviews, with such an obnoxious history, it pisses us off.”

Though the video is focused at West, the speaker also takes the time to call out Cyrus, too, particularly for her decision to ride a giant inflatable penis during her Bangerz tour.

“After all, what’s wrong with teaching teenage girls that society actually rewards you for posing nude? Let’s just influence the whole country to embrace perversity,” the masked person says sarcastically. “That’s a good way to lead society, as if it wasn’t bad enough already. What a great idea you can teach your daughter.”

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The speaker concludes, “Anonymous is sounding off the new renaissance era this year for humanity, and if you don’t shape up, then your legacy will not be included. Poor examples such as yourself will not be tolerated anymore in the new age.”

Watch the full video below.

Do you agree with the hacktivists?

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