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Ethan Hawke isn’t very good at saying the word ‘pianist’ (VIDEO)

Ethan Hawke and Kelly Ripa had quite the naughty interlude on Live! with Kelly and Michael.

The Oscar nominee was on the show to talk about his new documentary, Seymour: An Introduction, which tells the story of a man who gave up his performing career as a pianist to teach.

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On the talk show, Hawke shared that the star of the film, Seymour Bernstein, helped the actor overcome his stage fright, explaining, “Of course, the pianists have it worse than anybody. I mean, you want to talk about game-day jitters. If I’m doing Macbeth at Lincoln Center, that’s stressful, right?”

But Hawke might as well have stopped after he said “pianists,” because Ripa tuned out when she heard a very different word.

“Did you say ‘pianist’?” Ripa said, leaning in closer to Hawke. (Thinking he said penis.)

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“You may have heard… another word… I said pianist, like a piano,” Hawke said, scolding the host for her dirty mind. “I have no idea what word you’re thinking of! And I have to say, I’m a little shocked!”

“No, I’m not sure what that has to do with anything,” Ripa said. “I couldn’t figure it out.”

“I’m trying to have a serious conversation,” Hawke said, continuing his lecture, “and you bring us down into the gutter.

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Meanwhile, Strahan just sat there laughing and shaking his head.

Honestly, we could see how Ripa misheard. It’s a tricky word, people.

Watch the clip below and sound off on what you heard Hawke say below.

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