Ian Somerhalder reveals what's next for Damon and Bonnie — and it's not good

Mar 12, 2015 at 5:06 p.m. ET
Image: The CW

After Damon and Bonnie had some serious bonding time over in the witch prison dimension, Vampire Diaries fans have been champing at the bit wondering if these two have more than friendship in their future.

And it looks like the answer is, unfortunately, "No."

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When the show returns tonight, Damon will be on an all-out hunt for information about his mom, which Ian Somerhalder told Entertainment Weekly causes him to "subject Bonnie to some pretty gnarly stuff to get to this information, and it doesn't necessarily go the way he wants it to."

Somerhalder directed the episode and was also sure to note, "What's great about this episode is there are a lot of changing dynamics."

"Dynamics" could, most likely, be a code word for "relationships." But don't think that the friendship between Bonnie and Damon will be short-lived. "She knows him really, really well now, and they're close," Somerhalder said. "For all intents and purposes, he loves the shit out of Bonnie. She's become a very special person to him."

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Still, Damon is Damon. He's going to do some dumb things along the way. And right now his sole purpose is finding his mother and what's been happening to her for all these years.

But, before you get your hopes up, let's remember that The Vampire Diaries loves to tease. And these two characters have a lot going on right now. Bonnie's dealing with her PTSD symptoms from being alone in the prison dimension for months, thinking she was never going to escape. And Damon is still in a relationship with Elena (Nina Dobrev).

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Plus, just because these two aren't romantically together doesn't mean we won't get a lot of snarky, wonderful scenes between these two as the season plays out.

Check out the full interview with Somerhalder over on Entertainment Weekly's website.

Do you think Bonnie and Damon will eventually become a couple?