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Rosie O’Donnell’s fight with The View producer was so bad, someone got fired

It’s no secret that Rosie O’Donnell butted heads with multiple people on the cast and crew of The View, but one fight cost someone their job.

Senior producer Jennifer Shepard-Brookman enjoyed eight years with the show, until one fateful meeting changed her career forever. A source told Page Six that Shepard-Brookman dug her own grave when she publicly berated O’Donnell in front of a huge group of people.

Explaining that the producer was “profoundly and publicly disrespectful” to O’Donnell during the February incident, the insider said Shepard-Brookman was initially suspended but was formally fired last week.

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“During a production meeting, Jennifer began mumbling behind Rosie, who told her, ‘If you have something to say, say it to my face!'” the source told Page Six. “So Jennifer did — she laced into Rosie, and there was a shouting match. Jennifer was loud, and profoundly and publicly disrespectful to Rosie.

“You have to be mindful of your role and the pecking order,” the source continued. “Producers cannot be publicly disrespectful to the talent, no matter how much you disagree. You have to know your place. It was so shocking, Rosie and other members of staff told the HR department about Jennifer’s behavior — she was suspended and then she was fired.”

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The incident reportedly took place right before O’Donnell announced she was leaving the show again.

O’Donnell’s spokesperson Cindi Berger refused to confirm the rumor, telling Page Six only, “There are so many behind-the-scenes stories at The View, [and] this is yet another.”

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