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TLC’s new transgender series: 12 Things you need to know about All That Jazz

TLC is going to air a new series about a transgender teen and we’ve got everything you need to know about it.

1. The show is called All That Jazz and will premiere this summer

On the show, viewers will see star Jazz Jennings dealing with all those things most teens do: school, friends, dating, family and everything else. They’ll also discover how life is more complicated when you are one of the youngest people ever diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

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2. Jennings was assigned as a male at birth, but identifies as female

From the time she was tiny, Jazz wanted everything typically associated with little girls, and she even went so far as to correct her mother when she called her a boy. After her parents realized this wasn’t just a phase, they received an official diagnosis of her condition and after that, they were determined to support her in any way they could.

3. The series is 11 episodes

The transgender reality series is being described as a docuseries, with no word yet on whether the network will be ordering additional seasons.

4. Jazz is just 14 years old

Jazz is one of the youngest people living as transgender. Though there have been many stories, series and specials about adult transgender people, this series will be the first to follow a teenager.

5. She has been living as a girl since age 5

When she turned 5 years old, Jazz was allowed to wear girl clothes for the first time (a rainbow bathing suit) and she’s never looked back.

6. The show will give viewers a unique look into the life of a transgender teen

This is the first time Jazz will be letting people into the realities of her life. There’s only so much you can learn from the various interviews she has done. The series will follow her as she learns how to navigate through typical teenage things like dating and high school, as well as something not as typical: trying to avoid male puberty.

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7. She is already a published author

She may be young, but Jazz has already written a book with the help of writer Jessica Herthel. The book, titled I Am Jazz, was published on Sept. 14, 2014 and tells the story of Jazz’s life living as a transgender kid.

8. She is an activist

Between her book and interviews on shows such as 20/20 and The Rosie Show, Jazz has been spreading the message of diversity. She has been open with her story and has helped other kids struggling with their own gender identities.

9. She will be starting high school this fall

During her interview on 20/20, Jazz spoke about her sexual orientation with Barbara Walters. Jazz said she was attracted to boys, but was worried about dating because of her identity as a transgender. With the show premiering before she enters high school, it’s bound to bring up that subject and many more about the difficulties of being a transgender teen.

10. She was named one of the 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 by Time

“That was really neat,” Jazz told Katie Couric in an interview, when asked about making the list. “To see that showed me that I’m being listed with all these amazing people.”

11. She has three siblings

Ari, Jazz’s older sister, is a freshman in college. Jazz looks up to Ari as a supportive big sister and the two of them are very close. Jazz also has 17-year-old twin brothers, Griffen and Sander. The boys had some confusion as their baby brother turned into their baby sister, but now they are protective of Jazz and watch out for her as all older brothers do.

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12. Jazz loves mermaids

Jazz likes the mystical creatures so much that she learned how to make silicone mermaid tails and now sells them to help raise money in support of transgender youth.

What do you think about TLC’s new transgender series? Do you plan to watch All That Jazz when it premieres this summer?

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