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Jessa Duggar comes to Derick’s defense over that awful cat sledding video

Many people were outraged at Derick Dillard’s reckless behavior last week when he appeared to sled directly in the path of a little ginger cat, and while Dillard has made no comment on his actions, someone else from the Duggar clan finally has.

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Dillard’s sister-in-law Jessa Duggar reportedly commented on the incident during an interview with Michelle Lewis and Ron Olson on FM 100 Memphis on Wednesday, Radar Online reports.

Addressing the “rumor” that her sister Jill Duggar’s husband had deliberately slid in the innocent cat’s path, she claimed that he wasn’t aiming at the cat, saying, “No, no he wasn’t.”

Although there are countless people who would disagree with Jessa, she did go on to explain the incident, blaming it on the gradient of the hill.

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“Our hill was very uneven so he started to sled and the cat just happened to be there,” she said, adding that the cat “actually jumped out of the way” and was not hit.

“He didn’t hit the cat,” she added. “It didn’t get run over.”

In the clip, the cat did not appear to get hurt by the incident but it did get a fright, and many feel that Dillard made a stupid decision to slide where the cat was.

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“I know the cat, I live not far away,” she said. “The cat is totally fine.”

Tell us: What do you think about Jessa Duggar’s comments on the cat-sledding incident?

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