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We hope Slipknot’s Mick Thomson is OK after knife fight with his brother

The combination of knives, booze and early mornings don’t usually end well.

And it didn’t for Slipknot’s Mick Thomson. The guitarist for the heavy metal band was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in the head by his brother.

According to reports, a fight broke out inside their home, ultimately spilling out into their front yard.

When the brothers began fighting on the lawn, neighbors reportedly called the police.

According to The Des Moines Register, both brothers were rushed to the hospital after the fight ended in Mick being stabbed in the back of the head by his brother, Andrew.

According to the newspaper, both brothers were intoxicated. The police report said they both had stab wounds, but none of their injuries were life-threatening.

The fight took place just after 4 a.m., and although the police would not confirm to local news outlets that the man injured was, in fact, the band’s guitarist, Slipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor tweeted, “In regards to the story about Mick, I’m doing the best I can to find out if he’s alright. I’ll get back to you later.”

Taylor then followed up shortly after, “Mick Update: from what I’ve heard he’s okay. We’re sending him all your thoughts. Thank you for that.”

We don’t have any information about his brother’s injuries or condition yet.

The band is on a break from the road right now but is currently scheduled to resume touring in late April to promote their latest album.

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