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Game of Thrones‘ Arya will change more than her hair in Season 5 (PHOTO)

If you’re Arya Stark and you need to go incognito, you start dressing like a lady.

And that’s just what the Stark daughter is doing in the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 5.

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Entertainment Weekly nabbed the first photos of the young swordswoman with her hair done in braids (braids!!!) and a pretty, gypsy-esque skirt.

With Needle back in her hands and The Hound dead, a new adventure is surely in store for Arya. But it’s not what you’d expect.

WARNING: Spoilers about what’s to come for Arya below. If you haven’t read the books and don’t want a sneak peek into her story line in the upcoming season, do not continue reading.

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Of course, there’s a caveat to my warning this time: Game of Thrones producers and George R.R. Martin have made it clear they will no longer be following the books perfectly in the upcoming seasons. Because of that, Arya’s story line could surprise even the most avid fans.

But here’s what we know about all the new things coming from the books.

1. A new location

Arya will be leaving Westeros and settling down in Braavos for Season 5.

2. A new teacher

In Braavos, she will find a home at the House of Black and White among an association of assassins known as the Faceless Men. Her mentor won’t be a fierce warrior like The Hound or Syrio Forel but a kindly old man.

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3. A new vibe

Life will get quieter for the youngest Stark daughter. Remember, she thinks her entire family is dead (except Jon), so she doesn’t have anyone left to search for.

4. A new name

As part of her training, Arya will spend her days as a street urchin, learning the secrets of the city, which she reports back to the kindly old man. On the streets, she goes by Cat of the Canals.

Also, it’s important to note that after being initiated as a trainee of the Faceless Men, Arya is supposed to discard everything from her previous life, including her past personality. But Arya secretly keeps Needle, and she has wolf dreams, which means the Stark girl isn’t gone for good.

See all of Arya’s makeover pics on Entertainment Weekly‘s website.

Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres Sunday, April 12, on HBO.

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