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Tina Knowles puts paparazzo in his place over Blue Ivy photos (VIDEO)

Tina Knowles’ grandmama bear instinct kicked in during a recent Santa Monica outing when she confronted a paparazzo for taking pictures of Blue Ivy.

And we have to give Beyoncé’s mother some major props for this one because she didn’t raise her voice. She just very pointedly explained why the photog’s actions were completely inappropriate.

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“Can you not take a picture of a child?” she asked the cameraman.

Instead of answering her question, he just responded, “Well, I mean, you’re famous.”

To which Knowles asked, “How would you like someone to take a picture of your baby? Would you like that?”

“If I was a famous, huge multimillionaire…” the photog started to say.

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“No, you would care,” Knowles cuts him off. “That’s a baby. That’s a baby. Have some class about you. Have a little class.”

Beyoncé is notorious for keeping her private life private. She and Jay Z are rarely photographed together and the music royalty couple tries their best to keep their daughter, Blue Ivy, out of the spotlight.

Of course, she does occasionally share photos of her little one on Instagram and social media.

Many celebrities have taken issue with paparazzi laws in the United States, which are very lax compared to other places in the world, especially when it comes to children. Singer Adele won a U.K. lawsuit this past summer against a photographer who took pictures of the singer, her husband and their young son, Angelo, without permission.

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Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry and Kristen Bell have all been vocal about creating paparazzi laws concerning children.

Do you think photographers should be allowed to take pictures of celebrity babies without a parent’s permission?

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