Girls: 16 Times Hannah made us feel less self-involved by comparison

Mar 22, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: HBO

You know someone has self-involvement issues when they ask a man's widow for a publishing contact at his funeral. And although we cringe, a big part of the humor of Girls is how Hannah's self-involvement reveals a complete lack of self-awareness.

We will give kudos where kudos is due, though; it has seemed, at least during this season, that Hannah might actually be growing up somewhat. But these 16 moments of completely embedded self-absorption make us pretty confident Hannah will never completely rid herself of her most defining and LOL-worthy trait.

1. That time she had really big tickets on herself

Hannah 1

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If Hannah Horvath is the voice of our generation, I'm a little concerned about what it says about us.

2. That time she deemed a Facebook interaction to be a calculated and shrewd move

Hannah 2

Image: Tumblr

Not to defend the transmission of STDs at all, but sometimes, there isn't much to be read into the fact that someone liked your Facebook status. I occasionally like something if I feel bad for a person. Perhaps that's what's happened here?

3. That time she fancied herself a martyr

Hannah 3

Image: Pinterest

St. Hannah Horvath — the patron saint of selfless giving.

4. That time she claimed to feel how everyone else feels about their folk album production capacity

Hannah 5

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What number folk album are you on? We haven't started our 3 or 4 albums yet because we're waiting to hear back from Joni Mitchell about a possible collaboration.

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5. That time she got all nitpicky about the definition of a journal

Hannah 4

Image: Arevake

Hannah is was a writer and, therefore, she is far more knowledgeable about the different kinds of objects one can write in. Let it be known that what she's writing in makes her more superior to those who write in journals.

6. That time she was weirdly competitive about being scared

Hannah 6

Image: Tumblr

Guys, Hannah is the Beyoncé of being scared. If you think you're more scared than Hannah, turns out you're not.

7. When she told her parents they should be grateful she is their daughter

Hannah 7

Image: Tumblr

I mean, sure, we've all probably told our parents that they could be doing way worse than to have us for a child, but when Hannah does it, it makes us want to show this clip to our parents so that they know that they really are lucky to have us and not Hannah for offspring.

8. That time she made us realize she knows struggle

Hannah 8

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You guys, if you want an example of what it's like to overcome obstacles, look no further than Hannah. She is an inspiration.

9. When she had no qualms about self-praise

Hannah 9

Image: Tumblr

You do you, Hannah. You do you.

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10. That time she felt unfairly restricted by the constraints of a car and its wooden passenger

Hannah 10

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When you aren't a dancer and you need physical space to "express" yourself, we gotta ask, like, what kind of expression could possibly require that much space?

11. That time she revealed an unfounded hidden talent

Hannah 11

Image: Gifwave

Oh, we know, Hannah. That time you tried to give yourself Carey Mulligan's haircut proved your haircutting talents know no bounds.

12. That time she was better than someone else but couldn't keep it on the d-low

Hannah 13

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Hannah, you're not meant to tell people you're better than them; you're meant to just quietly think it to yourself and let other people tell you you're better. It's the polite thing to do.

13. That time she was really proud of herself for this amazing feat

Hannah 13

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But, like, all she did was find two things that were the same color and wear them at the same time.

14. That time she was inhibited by a bunch of little things

Hannah 15

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But at no point did she feel she might be to blame for the "blockage."

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15. That time she felt whole and couldn't help but announce it

Hannah 16

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This might not be perceived as self-absorbed so much if Hannah didn't have a tendency to spruik her own pretty run-of-the-mill achievements so often.

16. When her biggest dream in life was this

Hannah 17

Image: BuzzFeed

Sadly, this dream could never be realized.