Lindsay Lohan is trying so hard to get the Illuminati to notice her (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan is campaigning for her next big role as a spokesmodel for the largest and most sinister secret society in the world: the Illuminati.

Lohan posted a photo on Instagram showing herself throwing the famous hand signal that got Beyoncé so much flak during her Super Bowl performance. It is obviously a beacon to other Illuminati members that she is just like them!

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Notice that she name-dropped Kanye West and Kris Jenner, who are also obviously Illuminati members, who she is trying to seduce into accepting her into their numbers.

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Lohan posted a less successful attempt a week earlier.

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Obviously, the most recent plea is the best of the two — no one would ever take you seriously as a tool of mind control wearing a fluffy hot pink hat.

Tell us: Should the Illuminati let Lindsay Lohan be a member?

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Image: FayesVision/Wenn


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