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Bruce Jenner’s latest career decision shows he’s putting his kids first

The Bruce Jenner docuseries we were all so looking forward to is being shelved, according to a new report.

Bruce, the patriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, was said to be filming his own series separate from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians franchise documenting his alleged transition from male to female. However, a source says that Bruce has stopped production.

What happened? The reason seems to be twofold. First, insiders say Bruce is sensitive to the effect the show — and his transition in general — will have on his children, including his youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. A source told TMZ that Bruce felt the producers were pushing too hard for a May premiere to capitalize on ratings from his planned sit-down with Diane Sawyer.

Bruce is also said to be devastated by the car crash he was in that killed a woman in the car in front of him, and needs some time to process the psychological and legal implications of that.

The source told TMZ, “There’s a 99.9 percent chance the docuseries will happen,” but definitely not on the original timetable. His interview with Diane Sawyer is still on schedule for May, however.

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We might actually get to see this huge life changed addressed on KUWTK, though. A source told the Daily Mail that a family sit-down was filmed in which Bruce springs the news on them.

“He literally started the conversation with, ‘Hey, guys, I’m becoming a woman, but I’m sure you probably already figured that out…’ There was so much speculation, and they were all wondering about the truth,” the insider said. “Bruce had to address it with them. He got a little emotional, but it wasn’t a jaw-dropping conversation. It’s a surprise to the girls that he’s doing this at 65… They want nothing more than for their dad to enjoy the life he wants to live.”

That episode is said to be airing March 15, so we only have a few more days left before we find out if that rumor is true.

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