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Kim Kardashian admits insecurities standing next to her own sister (PHOTO)

Paris Fashion Week is winding down, and the Kim Kardashian sightings have been plentiful.

The focus has always been about what she’s wearing and in some cases how little she’s wearing, and we know we never have a shortage of selfies from the “Selfie Queen” on her social media accounts.

In her most recent few posts, Kardashian is posing with a group of Fashion Week models, alongside sister Kendall Jenner. She captioned one of them, “Not insecure at all next to these super models ????????????”

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First of all, it’s just a little bit comforting for us “regular girls” to know that even the most polished and put-together-looking celebrities have some of the same insecurities the rest of us do.

Second, let’s point out the obvious — she looks amazing. While dark hair might be her signature look, her blond locks really make her look glam and seriously, what woman wouldn’t kill to have her cleavage look that good?

I lay the blame for this one at the feet of our culture. Pitting the thin models against the one in the group who doesn’t fit into society’s definition of what women should look like. All of the women in the photo are beautiful. Why does one have to be better than the other? Why does one have to be what women “should” look like and the other feel like everyone looking at the photo is judging her for not looking like the others?

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Say what you will about Kim K, her background, her lifestyle — none of that matters. What it boils down to is that when your strip all that away, she feels just like the rest of us do and feels pressure to look a certain way. She has almost constantly been dissecting her looks since she had baby North, making comment after comment about how she has either gained a few pounds or can’t seem to get the baby weight off.

It is ridiculous that all she sees in that photo is someone who is different, in a bad way, than the other beautiful women smiling in the photo.

As a culture, we have let ourselves down if we can’t find a way to fix the problem of body image and body shaming once and for all. Everyone is different — why can’t we just accept that? So that, in turn, every woman can accept herself.

And Kim, you look gorgeous, end of story.

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