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Ashton Kutcher’s diaper dilemma is actually a problem all parents face

Ashton Kutcher just got his first real taste of inequality between the sexes and he is using his voice to try to do something to make parenthood easier for moms — and dads.

The actor was trying to have a nice father-daughter day with baby Wyatt when he discovered a messed-up fact of parenthood: Barely any men’s restrooms have baby-changing tables.

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Kutcher’s post was liked over 220,000 times and shared more than 7,800 times, so he definitely struck a nerve with fans. Which begs the question, why aren’t there more changing tables in men’s restrooms? Do business owners think it’s still 1957 and only moms should be changing diapers?

Of course, there are plenty of businesses that don’t even have changing tables in the women’s restrooms, or even in so-called family restrooms (I’m looking at you, Marshalls at Desert Ridge in Arizona), so apparently, if your infant has to poop, she’s just going to have to hold it.

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But Kutcher and other California dads may soon be able to do their share of diaper duty while out and about. The state legislature is currently considering two so-called “potty parity” bills that would require equal access to changing tables.

That is basically straight up saying only women change diapers — men don’t change diapers. That’s just not acceptable in 2014 and beyond. It’s just not,” blogger Doyin Richards told Today last June.

He should give Kutcher a call!

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