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Drizzy app: 20 Most hilarious Drake lyrics to text your friends

The new Drizzy app is the most entertaining text feature we’ve seen since emojis were the hot new thing on the scene.

Drake & Adonis
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Now you have an excuse to text everyone in your contacts list… using only Drake lyrics. The app installs in a similar way to the emojis app, which means it’s super easy to use and pulls up in your messenger center, meaning it’s also super easy to confuse the heck out of your friends.

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Trust us, it’s a fantastic way to start a conversation, no matter who you need to text. Here are our favorite lyrics from the new, addictive app.


1. “We prolly be out in Silicon tryna get our billions on.”

2. “I just gave out Grammies on my Instagram.”

3. “Nothin’ really comes as a surprise right now ’cause we just havin’ the time of our lives right now.”


4. “‘Bout to call your ass an Uber. I got somewhere to be.”

5. “I don’t know why they been lying, but your shit is not that inspirin’.”

6. “Worst.”

7. “You need to act your age and not your girl’s age.”

8. “In case another chance never comes around, you, you can thank me now.”

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9. “I got no friends in this, Momma. I don’t pretend with this, Momma. I’on joke with this, Momma.”

10. “Know I don’t call enough, Momma, I just been working with so little time for personal, Momma.”

11. “You and the six raised me right, that shit saved my life.”


12. “Turntables, bridges burn, you live and you learn.”

13. “I can’t get over you, you left your mark on me…”

14. “Wooh, I see you goin’ well, baby. Oh, you pullin’ shit together, I can tell, baby.”

15. “My ex asked where I’m going, I said moving on to other things.”

16. “But do I ever come up in discussion, over double-pump lattes and low-fat muffins?”

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17. “We had the type of nights where morning comes too soon.”

18. “How beautiful our kids would be, I don’t need convincing.”

19. “Looking for some things and I think that I can find ’em in you.”

20. “Mixing Remy, little bit of Henny. I’m running on empty, I’m lonely.”

The app even tells you which song each lyric comes from when you select them.

Happy texting! Have you tried the new Drizzy app yet?

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