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The Bachelor: What happened to Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘amazing’ jar?

Now that Season 19 of The Bachelor has come to an end, let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Specifically, let’s step back in time to Week 3, when Jimmy Kimmel came up with the brilliant idea to introduce an “amazing” jar. Where, we can’t help but wonder, is that ingenious jar now?

The premise was simple. Every time someone uttered the overused word “amazing,” they had to drop a dollar in the “amazing” jar. By the end of the episode, that sucker was damn near full. If it had been emptied specifically for last night’s finale, it would have been overflowing within the first five minutes.

But how come the jar pulled a vanishing act? We have a few theories about its whereabouts.

1. Jimmy Kimmel hijacked it to pay for the congratulatory heifer

After all, Kimmel was the creator of the jar and he did have a pretty good hold on that barrel of money. Even if Kimmel grabbed the jar at the end of his episode, we bet he would still have walked away with a tidy wad of bills… definitely enough to plunk down in exchange for his ever-so-touching gift to the newly engaged Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff: a cow named — what else? — Juan Pablo.

2. It fell prey to the secret Bachelor betting ring

Sure, Chris Harrison laughs off Ashley S.’ allegations that she stumbled upon an underground Bachelor betting ring, but we’re not convinced that when he says “accounting department” it’s not code for precisely the type of illicit gambling operation Ashley swears she discovered. And if the gambling ring was waiting until later in the season to snag the “amazing” jar, they probably doubled down and are all now millionaires.

3. Producers used it to pay for the Big & Rich cameo

In comparison to many of the episodes, the week featuring country mega-duo, Big & Rich, seemed pretty extravagant. First, the fellas mentored the ladies as they attempted to pen love song lyrics for Soules and then Soules stole Britt away for a once-in-a-lifetime Big & Rich concert-crashing date. Looks like someone applied the “amazing” jar funds towards the production budget so they could shake up the dates. I think we can all agree the show needed a little glitz after the river rafting and camping excursions. Amiright?

4. They blew it airlifting that bed into the Badlands

Think about it. It’s not like there was some secret roadway into that canyon in the Badlands in which they held the infamous two-on-one date with Ashley I. (aka Kardashley) and Kelsey (aka the Black Widow). In his People blog, Soules revealed that he had to suffer through a three-hour helicopter ride sandwiched between the two crazies ladies just to get there. By that logic, they clearly must have airlifted in the fancy canopy bed chillin’ in the middle of the canyon to provide an appropriate spot for awkward champagne toasts and creepy stare-downs. Somebody grab the “amazing” jar — we’ve got an exorbitant and out-of-place item we need to conspicuously drop in the middle of nowhere!

5. ABC decided to invest in post-season therapy sessions

If there is one thing we learned from those dreaded post-breakup limo rides (or van ride, in Kaitlyn’s case) of despair, it’s that the ladies vying for Soules’ heart are in need of some serious couch time at a psychologist’s office. Although we suspect a lucrative post-Bachelor series with Dr. Drew is in the works, perhaps ABC opted to put the “amazing” jar to good use by hooking the ladies of Season 19 up with some much-needed therapy to work through their “nobody loves me” issues.

6. Carly splurged on a makeover

In case you somehow managed to miss it during The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special, Carly — perhaps motivated by some of the heat she caught on social media for being a mean girl — enrolled her head in the witness protection program. And by that, I clearly mean girlfriend hooked her head up with some major highlights, a flatiron and some intensive eyebrow shaping. I’m calling it now… she pilfered money from the “amazing” jar to fund her transformation. After all, she contributed at least a couple of those bucks.

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