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Cosby accuser’s mother writes heartbreaking letter to his wife

Camille Cosby is still standing by her man, but the mother of one of his alleged victims wants her to wake up and smell the rotten pudding pops.

In a letter shared by the family with People magazine, Judy Thompson — mother of Jennifer Thompson, one of 39 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault — detailed her daughter’s alleged abuse and its aftermath, hoping to get his wife to understand the gravity of the situation.

“Your husband crossed boundaries that never should have been breached,” she wrote. “He shattered her innocence. And for a while even her relationship with her own father, who was so similar, was broken too.”

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“Jena [Jennifer’s stage name] tried to convince herself that it was all ‘casting-couch behavior’ but it was much more sinister. I will spare you from reading the exact details and me in writing those details. But, her inner brokenness was heartbreaking. She came home with an inner light extinguished, and still has not fully regained that spark.”

Judy explained that she and Jennifer’s father trusted Bill Cosby implicitly because he reached out to them himself to gain that trust at the beginning of their daughter’s fledgling modeling career. And of course, no one believed Jennifer’s story when she finally was brave enough to say what happened to her — a sentiment echoed by all of the women who have so far stepped forward.

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“We could not find anyone that would believe her, a second terrible blow!” Judy’s letter states. “To be so hurt and violated, and then not be believed! …Jena suffered but we did, also, overwhelming guilt… Why didn’t we see some red flags? Were flags there? We have searched and searched our memories.

“There was no proof, only ‘he said, she said, we said.’ …Your husband had enormous funds, we had two children in college. Although living well, we had no funds to take on his personae. We had everything to lose, including a very fragile victim. We all could have been further ridiculed by our community. But, we have always wanted to speak our truth to begin real healing.

“Why now? Because it is the truth, and so many prompted by a growing intolerance of sexual abuse in churches, schools, sports, the armed forces and our society are saying enough of this abuse! It has to stop!”

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“I pray for you and your husband every day,” Judy continued. “I am quite sure you have knowledge of these events as you have lived with the man for over 51 years and know his habits, despite what your statement said.”

She added, “May we all find some peace. Even in hearing the truth, it is both liberating and hurtful, causing an opening of old wounds that need to heal. Only in truth will come wellness, healing and forgiveness.”

Camille Cosby’s sole statement on the accusations has been to blast the victims and media, and say that she her husband did not assault anyone. His daughter Evin also spoke out in defense of her dad.

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