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Jenelle Evans’ rocky relationship is having a devastating effect on her son

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has had more than her fair share of problems in her life, and the latest reports about her fiancé’s criminal domestic violence arrest were truly shocking. But reports are now suggesting that the person affected the most by Evans’ domestic drama is her young son, Jace.

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According to Radar Online, a source revealed to them that the constant fighting between Evans and her beau, Nathan Griffith, is having a devastating effect on her son, who has allegedly begun “acting out” and “getting in fights” at school.

The constant fighting all the time is affecting Jace at school,” the source revealed to Radar Online. “He gets scared whenever he goes over to Jenelle and Nathan’s house and the teachers notice it every time. It’s a pattern.”

The source then went on to detail how the drama has been affecting Jace, saying, “He’s not doing his schoolwork, getting in fights. It’s noted every time he goes there on his weekly progress report. The teachers know what’s going on.”

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If the reports are true, it is truly heartbreaking to read. Evans’ children should be sheltered from her reportedly tumultuous relationship because that is not something children should ever bear witness to, and according to the publication, that’s the reason why Evans’ mom, Barbara Evans, is trying to stop her daughter from regaining custody.

“When Barbara took custody of him, she wanted to raise him and protect him so he wouldn’t grow up in trouble,” the source said, adding, “So he’d be an upstanding kid. It’s just affecting him too much to be there. This is all for protection of him.”

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Tell us what you think: Could the reports about Jenelle Evans’ relationship and the way that it is affecting her son be true?

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