The Bachelor: 7 Reasons Whitney is perfect for Chris Soules

Season 19 of The Bachelor saw hunky farmer Chris Soules wooing 30 women to find a woman to make his wife. And, well, he found her in Chicago-based fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff. Here’s why they make an “awesome” match.

1. For starters, she said yes

To state the obvious, Whitney actually wanting to get married is kind of a big deal — particularly since Becca Tilley, the other woman vying for Soules’ heart on the finale, mentioned more than once that she was simply not ready for Soules to put a ring on it. So when Prince Farming got down on one knee in that elaborately blinged-out barn to ask for Whitney’s hand in marriage, her response of “Absolutely!” in and of itself makes her the perfect choice for him.

2. She’s an animal lover, like him

We first met Lillie way back on The Bachelor premiere, when the cuddly little canine made her big cameo in Whitney’s intro reel. It was clear Whitney loved the pup like a child, since she straight up asked, “Do you want Chris to be your daddy?” Although Lillie didn’t answer then, we’ll take her humping sesh during the hometown dates episode to be a sign she’s super-comfortable around Soules. As for the hunky farmer, well, we all know he’s got a soft spot for bovines — and it’s a good thing since Jimmy Kimmel gifted the happy couple a cow named Juan Pablo on the After the Final Rose special.

3. His family went nuts over her

Seriously, though, if Soules hadn’t picked Whitney after she met his family during the finale, it seems altogether likely they would have voted him off the farm. It was hard not to get choked up watching Soules’ sweet mom and dad (who wouldn’t want them as in-laws?!) cry as they listened to Whitney talk about her feelings for their son. I mean, we didn’t cry or anything… our eyes were just, uh, sweating. Yeah, that’s what happened.

4. They both have, well, audible quirks

Let’s be real. Whitney’s voice is, you know, high-pitched. It’s not a bad thing — it’s just a thing. Comparisons have been drawn to Sandy Cheeks the squirrel from SpongeBob SquarePants, and who are we to disagree with the truth-sayers of the interwebz? It’s not even a thing, though, because Whitney’s upper-octave speaking voice pales in comparison to Soules’ signature dolphin laugh. We can’t be certain, but there’s at least a 40 percent chance the babies these two make may turn out to be cartoon characters.

5. She’s more than happy to move to Iowa

By far, the biggest challenge Soules faced this season was finding a woman who was willing to ditch the civilized world as she knew it and move to middle-of-nowhere Iowa to live on a farm. Not many women would be willing to make the move — even for a guy with dimples so deep we’d like to go swimming in them. But for Whitney, Arlington, Iowa, is more than just a teeny-tiny farm town. It’s a place she can finally find what she’s been missing for so long — family. Having lost her own mother and not having a father in the picture, she couldn’t wait to call someone Mom and Dad again. As such, she was all in this season.

6. They really will spawn some precious offspring

On the After the Rose special, host Chris Harrison shared an as-of-yet unaired clip showing Soules and Whitney just moments after he popped the question and she said yes. In it, Soules’ parents make an impromptu appearance, telling Whitney they are ready for her to have some babies. Afterward, Whitney accepts the challenge, asserting, “We’ll have really frickin’ cute babies.” To which Soules adorably responded (and was subsequently bleeped out), “F*** yeah!” And, for sure, they’re right. We can already picture chubby-legged little angel babies in cowboy boots and coveralls.

7. This is a gal who doesn’t mind a little corniness

You know Soules is cute. I know Soules is cute. We all know Soules is cute. But the man has never shied away from a silly pun or a corny punchline. Some women can’t handle that level of cheeseball-ery on a daily basis, but Whitney isn’t exactly a stranger to it herself. It seems like no small coincidence that they spent their final date harvesting corn, since they’ll be up to their eyeballs in it (cropwise and humorwise) for the rest of their days.

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