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Ryan Gosling’s response to his throwback dance video is perfect (VIDEO)

Even at 12, Ryan Gosling was a perfect triple threat.

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We’ve already seen him displaying his adorably young acting chops on Goosebumps. And we’ve seen him sing his little heart out alongside Justin Timberlake to throngs of tiny girl fans on the Disney Channel.

But could preteen Ryan Gosling dance? Yes. Yes he could.

A trifecta of throwback videos hit the internet over the weekend and they proved what we already long suspected: Even at 12 years old, Ryan Gosling had more swag than any of us have now.

Feast your eyes on these gems showing Gosling gracing all our lives with some of the most impressive moves of the entire last millenium.

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And while the Elvis throwback was already too hot to handle for #tbt, the next pair of videos put it to shame. The Gos gets his moves on in a pair of Hammer pants — that he rocks harder than a man twice his age could have — front and center, star of the show, and the video also features a sizeable crowd of energetically dancing ladies. Because, of course, the Gos was dancing with an entire gaggle of girls before he even hit puberty.

Before you rush to Twitter to tell Gosling just how amazing his moves really are, he already responded (brilliantly):

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What would we do without Ryan Gosling in our lives? Good thing we’ll never have to know.

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