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15 Videos of young Ryan Gosling that’ll make your inner 13-year-old swoon

As if we needed any further proof that Ryan Gosling may just be the most adorable creature to ever walk the earth and utter the words, “Hey, girl,” a video surfaced this week of Gosling’s 12-year-old self busting a move at a circa 1992 dance recital that made us (and our inner tweens) swoon. And there’s more where that came from.

1. A little Elvis action

While we’re not entirely convinced this is an appropriate dance routine for a 12-year-old, we are absolutely certain Gosling could have given the King himself a run for the money.

2. “Dear Stacy…”
I mean, c’mon. How could a video containing pint-size versions of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling not be the best thing since, like, sliced bread? Especially when said video contains the teenybopper Gosling calling his classmate a “dweebmeister.” Classic.

3. Hammer time?

Ryan Gosling, in what appears to be metallic hammer pants, dancing to “Touch Me All Night Long” (again, who picked these songs for 12-year-olds?!) perks us up enough to forgo that morning pot cup of coffee. Hmm, what fabric would you say that shirt is?

4. Hay, girl

Before Gosling began circulating the internet in the form of “Hey, girl” memes, he was knee-deep in the other kind of hay, thanks to a skit during his stint on The Mickey Mouse Club.

5. Talent show contender

Before he scored a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club, Gosling was winning over the audience at a Mormon talent show in late 1991 alongside his sister, Mandi. And, well, there just aren’t enough words in the English language to adequately describe how rad their dance moves were.

6. As easy as pie

Playing the part of Joe, the pie addict, young Ryan Gosling sounds every bit as sweet as he looks covered in that creamy filling. The fact that JC Chasez is his mentor in this clip? That’s just icing on the cake, er, pie.

7. Prepare to swoon

Looking back, it’s clear The Mickey Mouse Club had some serious game — there wasn’t a teenybopper in the free world immune to the charms of JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Gosling and Marque Tate Lynche crooning “Cry for You” in oversize, unbuttoned vests.

8. There’s no place like home

We die. This hometown tour of Cornwall, Ontario, by Gosling is the stuff teenage dreams are truly made of. Chillin’ in a music store, shootin’ some hoops, shooting a makeshift music video on 200-year-old ruins… yep, the tween inside of us has already packed her bags and is headed to Canada.

9. Do you love me?

Yes, Ryan… we do love you, even more so now that we know just how well your 12-year-old self could dance. We don’t know who choreographed this routine, but somebody give that genius a medal.

10. He loves a good parody, too

This Lassie parody affirms a defining truth about Gosling: He isn’t afraid to take risks. After all, not only is he poking fun at one of the nation’s most beloved canines, but he’s also daring to do so wearing a striped tee and overalls.

11. Say hello to the early ’90s

Acid wash jeans? Check. Graffiti vest? Check. Flannel shirt several sizes too large? Check! If one can ever look the part of singing the 1992 Go West ballad, “Faithful,” it’s Ryan Gosling at this Mickey Mouse Club concert. He’s in good company, too — also crooning the soulful lyrics were Marque Tate Lynche, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Nita Booth/Young and Marc Worden.

12. Good morning, Canada

In this short Canadian TV clip, Gosling talks about his friends’ reactions to him beating out 15,000 other kids to land a part on The Mickey Mouse Club. And, really, how could anyone be anything but supportive of that sweet little face?!

13. Hat’s off?

In this MMC skit, Tatyana Ali may have duped Gosling into wearing a hideously over-accessorized hat, but the joke’s on her — even rockin’ that ridiculous Derby-style topper, Gosling looks totally adorable.

14. The lord of the dance

If 12-year-old Ryan Gosling pelvic thrusting and doing the Running Man isn’t enough to get you off your booty and up on the dance floor, then chances are nothing will, my friend. The first five seconds of this clip alone make me want to go all Flashdance in my living room.

15. The gang’s all here

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, a VHS of killer squirrels and a cross-dressing Ryan Gosling — this skit deserves to be immortalized in video for all eternity. At the very least, Gosling saying “cheese puffies” should be put in a time capsule or something.

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