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Nicki Minaj calls journalists out for making up lies

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to correct a gossip article that said the rapper was using social media to profess her everlasting love for her ex, Safaree.

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Though Minaj quickly removed the love-inspired tweet, according to the site, Necole Bitchie, the article managed to screen-grab the message from Minaj, which reads, “I’ll always love you.”

Even more telling than the message itself is the day it was posted: March 7, Minaj and Safaree’s would-be 11th anniversary had they stayed together. There’s also the fact that Safaree seemed to respond to Minaj’s sweet tweet, saying, “I’m not gonna front like I dnt kno wat today woulda been I hope ur happy and wish u nothing but the best.. luv u 4ever. no love lost.”

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But Minaj quickly took to Twitter with some more cryptic tweets, this time aimed at Necole Bitchie and their purported lies in the article.
Side note — and the above tweet is where I really start to scratch my head here — this is far from the first time Minaj has used social media to air some relationship drama. Just last December, the rapper went on a Twitter rant likely also fueled by Safaree, in which she called out a person for their disappointing behavior despite her loyalty.
It’s unclear if Minaj is asserting that the tweets were entirely fabricated and, thus, the story bogus, or if Minaj is simply trying to say that the deleted tweet wasn’t meant for Safaree. But it appears to be the latter.

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Still, Necole Bitchie is defending the post, reaching out to Minaj to clarify which parts of the article she took fault with.

Which, so far, only got the site another negative tweet from Minaj and has encouraged Minaj’s ardent fan base to start using #AreYouAPsychic.

Do you think Minaj really didn’t mean the tweet for Safaree, or is she just upset her tweets are being used for articles? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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